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Ibex Mine/Little Jonny Mine, Leadville, Lake County, Colorado, USA 2.8 × 2 × 1 cm

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Although far more famous for silver, lead, and zinc production, Leadville, Colorado was also a major gold producer in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Notable gold mines in the area include John Campion and JJ Brown's Ibex Group (including the Little Jonny) on Breece Hill and the Printer Boy Mine in California Gulch. Collectors have been scouring the Leadville mine dumps for generations since in search of gold missed by the original miners, but potential prospectors should be aware that nearly all the gold bearing mine dumps are now posted and rules against trespassing and collecting are strictly enforced. Gold specimens from Leadville exhibit many different habits including equant crystals, crystalline leaves, ribbons and wires, and "sponge" gold. Typical "sponge" gold from Leadville often gives the appearance of crystallized gold, but the reflections that look like crystal faces are actually casts from dissolved quartz crystals.

This is a beautiful cluster of crystallized gold leaves, a top quality Leadville TN.

0.11 ozt total weight