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About Dave Bunk Minerals
Dave Bunk Minerals Dave Bunk Minerals Dave Bunk Minerals
Dave Bunk Minerals Dave Bunk Minerals
Dave Bunk Minerals Photos by Jesse La Plante
A professional mineral dealer for more than two decades, Dave Bunk has built a reputation of honesty and integrity, which as anyone who is part of the modern mineral community knows, is saying a lot. But what makes Dave even more unique is that he has earned that reputation while at the same time building significant personal collections of minerals and mining antiques including stock certificates, photographs, maps, candlesticks and other memorabilia. Years ago, Dave restricted his collections to Colorado minerals and artifacts, a move that enabled him to bring his collector passions to the table without competing with his customers. His collections are "keepers": They have not been amassed as marketing ploys; they are, like your collections, the fruits of careful and knowledgeable curation, long-term commitments and meaningful relationships. Collectors on all levels, whether building or parting with their collections, have long considered Dave an ally. For any business built around an individual, it is not easy to find employees prepared to provide the same level of knowledgeable, personal service that collectors have come to expect from the owner; so when author and meteorite junkie Mike Jensen arrived in 2009, even the non-religious deemed him Heaven-sent. If there is such a thing as more honest than Dave, it is embodied by Mike. Although Mike was trained as a mining engineer, he arrived at Dave Bunk Minerals knowing relatively little about specimen mineralogy. But that weakness was more than made up for by his work ethic, family-first values (he and his wife of more than 25 years Mary have one son, two daughters and one grandchild), and the fact that he is a giant in the world of meteorites. Mike has traded, hunted and written about extraterrestrial projectiles since 1990. Mike's easy-going nature is the perfect foil for Dave's drive and intensity. Together they make "the shop" a fun and interesting place for collectors and dealers to meet, catch up on what's new, and pass a few hours. So when you're poking around at the warehouse, don't be surprised to be offered the perspective of one of the many well-informed collectors who frequent the place. Fred Olsen is foremost among these. Fred runs Mineral and Fossil Supply, conveniently located in the warehouse next to ours (Unit 7). Fred collects minerals, fossils, and meteorites. He reads everything he can get his hands on, and is an active member of many of our local clubs, guilds and museums. In 2009, professional photographer Jesse La Plante expressed an uncommon willingness to learn the very specialized task of photographing mineral specimens and help out where needed. His work ethic, creative energy, taste in music, and love for travel immediately endeared him to Dave, and Jesse became our staff photographer. While honing his specimen photography skills during the week, Jesse has also built quite a name for himself as a wedding photographer. Our newest hire, Matt Dye is an expert in telluride mineralogy. He is currently enrolled in a Masters Geology program at the Colorado School of Mines. In addition to assisting Mike, Matt is our go-to for all things relating to the maintenance and updating of the website. Estrogen for the office is amply supplied by the women across the dock at Lithographle, Ltd., which publishes the MINERAL monograph series and runs a small bookshop that is open by chance or appointment. We know that building a mineral collection is your hobby, your joy; so whether you need a personal shopper or a second opinion, would like to spend a few days looking through flats or enjoy the pace and privacy of the internet, it would be our pleasure to assist you.