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QUARTZ (Japan-law twin)
PC Mine, Jefferson County, Montana, USA 6 cm × 4 cm × 3 cm

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Bryce Colwell Collection Pete Knudsen was mining quartz specimens from the PC Mine, and since they were friends and relatively local, Bryce got some good picks of what Pete was collecting. This is a nearly perfect miniature with a single Japan-law twin growing up from the center of a plate of regular quartz crystals. The twin is included with several spheres of mica as are many from this locality.
QUARTZ (Japan-law twin)QUARTZ (Japan-law twin)
Jesse La Plante photo  
QUARTZ (Japan-law twin) QUARTZ (Japan-law twin) QUARTZ (Japan-law twin) QUARTZ (Japan-law twin) QUARTZ (Japan-law twin)