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Broken Hammer Property, Val Caron, Sudbury District, Ontario, Canada 3 cm × 5 cm × 2.5 cm

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During bulk sampling operations in 2011 a world class discovery of exceptional sperrylite crystals was made at the Broken Hammer prospect near Sudbury, Ontario. The crystals were found in a mineralized breccia containing chalcopyrite, millerite, epidote, and quartz that comprise most of the matrix for the sperrylite crystals. Many loose crystals were found, but we concentrated on purchasing the best matrix specimens we could get our hands on, and finally, after two years, export permits were granted for the best pieces and we were confident that we had the best lot that was released from Canada. The biggest problem with the specimens is that the breccia commonly fractured the larger crystals. Also, several specimens are repaired because as the crystals were exposed from the encasing matrix, some had a tendency to pop off and needed to be reattached to the matrix.

A perfect complex 3 mm crystal with several different crystal forms on a quartz and epidote matrix.

Jesse La Plante photo