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QUARTZ var. Smoky
Hidden Treasure Mine, Cripple Creek, Teller County, Colorado, USA 8 cm × 4.5 cm × 6 cm

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Salida, CO Elks Lodge Collection The Elks Club in Salida, Colorado housed a display of several diverse mineral suites from Leadville, Bisbee, the Tri-State district and others, many with historic labels affixed to the specimens. The club decided to dispose of the collection, and we bought it this spring (2014).

There were several of these lustrous smoky quartz cluster in the collection, all labeled from the Hidden Treasure Mine on Bull Hill at Cripple Creek. This one has the largest crystals of the lot and a nice legible label affixed. Unfortunately, the damage is pretty severe, but I like it a well-documented old Cripple Creek specimen anyway.

QUARTZ var. SmokyQUARTZ var. Smoky
Jesse La Plante photo  
QUARTZ var. Smoky QUARTZ var. Smoky QUARTZ var. Smoky QUARTZ var. Smoky QUARTZ var. Smoky