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QUARTZ var. Amethyst
Blue Points Mine (formerly Diamond Willow Mine), Pearl, Near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 14 cm × 8 cm × 5 cm

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Several mines near Thunder Bay, Ontario have long been famous for spectacular amethyst clusters, and in the past couple of years we’ve been fortunate enough to acquire some of the best lots ever. The luster is fantastic and the range of colors from red to brown to deep purple is fascinating. Even the non-purple quartz crystals are typically labeled “amethyst” from this location because they are almost always purple beneath the different colored surface layers.

An intriguing plate exhibiting several styles of amethyst. On the top edge are two protruding crystals that show darker purple edges contrasting with the lighter faces of the termination. The bottom edge shows the classic dark purple amethyst with red inclusions, and the rest of the specimen is a range of color between these styles.
QUARTZ var. AmethystQUARTZ var. Amethyst
QUARTZ var. Amethyst QUARTZ var. Amethyst QUARTZ var. Amethyst QUARTZ var. Amethyst